11In 1994, Patricio works with his good friend and professional colleague, Lito Romero on a soundtrack for his father, Angel Romero and a Mexican director. The film, entitled “Bienvenidos/Welcome” is distributed by Miramax and wins a Mexican Academy Award, the “Ariel” for best musical score. It is presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

11In 1995, Patricio co-writes the title track of Angel Romero’s album, “Remembering the Future” for RCA/BMG records. World renowned composer and Oscar-winner, Bill Conti lends his own brand of magic to the record; while, legendary producer, Lee Di Carlo shares his expertise with Patricio.

11In 1996, Patricio writes and produces the title theme on a Midway/Atari interactive CD designed for the Sony Playstation platform.

111997, Patricio completes a film soundtrack with Emmy award winning, John Reul. The film, entitled “ Paradise” is the follow up to the acclaimed “Canyon Dreams” featuring a soundtrack by Tangerine Dream.

11In 1999, Patricio performs with Los Romeros and the San Diego Chamber Orchestra in their Summer Pops festival.

11In 2002, Patricio produces Janae Wilder’s debut, “Digital Sushi” where he also co-writes much of the material and performs as a guitarist, keyboardist and programmer. This record is nominated for a San Diego Music Award.

11In 2003, Patricio teams up with Director, Brett Hershey of Resonating Pictures to compose and produce the soundtrack of the short film, “Fast Cars and Babies”. This film goes on to be presented all over the country and wins awards at the Palm Springs and Big Bear Lake film festivals.

11In 2003, Patricio enjoys the pleasure of recording his original score for the short film, “Bananas” at Fox Studios in Hollywood with the venerable John Williams’ Strings section. Another Resonating Pictures production, this film goes on to be distributed nationally and licensed to HBO.

11In 2004, Patricio co-writes material with the very talented Renata Youngblood for her debut release. These songs are subsequently produced by David J of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets fame. He receives the great privilege of laying down some guitar for David’s production on the song, “Weightless”.

11In 2004, Patricio reunites with his good friend, Garrett Thomas to produce a six song EP. They are joined by the experienced Alan Sanderson whose long list of engineering credits include The Rolling Stones, Elton John and Weezer.

11In 2005, Patricio joins Celino and Lito Romero on stage at the Festival Del Mar, playing bass guitar. They share the bill with the platinum-selling Macy Gray and the legendary Etta James.